Nang Fah Arsoon (2021) Episode 22 English Subbed

Nang Fah Arsoon (2021)

Mek, a young man who lives by the sea, accidentally meets Darika, the daughter of a billionaire. To negotiate for his ship that Darika's father seized for lack of payment, Mek reluctantly captures Darika. They must travel and stay together until the ship is returned. Darika had to surrender to Mek, who in her eyes was a kidnapper. The relationship between the two started from anger and hate.

Mek then takes her to hide on an island. During the time there, she starts to understand Mek's true self. Darika realized that he is actually a nice person and is not as bad as she thought. What will the story of Mek and Darika be like, when they are separated by her father retrieving her?

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